Defiance 2050 is a remake of Trion Worlds shooter

defiance 2050 shooter

Defiance is one of Trion Worlds' games, a shooter based on a SyFy TV series and a somewhat ambitious title, with its shared world co-op missions.

Now, Trion is working on Defiance 2050, which is a remake and at the same time an overhaul of the original game. Coming to PC, PS4 and Xbox One this summer, the closed beta is coming soon and you can already sign up at the official website.

Defiance 2050 will bring an open world environment created for massive co-op battles, and it is expected to feature “stunning updated visuals” and a huge weapon selection. The game will be free-to-play, just as its predecessor was. Trion also plans on updating some of the game's systems and scale, to attract players who just won't settle for the original version. While the TV series isn't coming back, Defiance 2050 will expand on the lore and world previously introduced. You can watch the announcement diary below.

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