Demon Seals is a polished Chinese Diablo-like game

Coming from out of nowhere, Demon Seals is a free-to-play action RPG from Chinese studio NetEase and one more proof that China is slowly but surely becoming a country with a bunch of interesting studios. Sure, there's still some way to go, specially in the way of stopping with the clones – for example, Dragon Sword is a good MMORPG, but it's so “inspired” by Blade & Soul that it's almost shocking – and coming up with better names. I mean, seriously, a Diablo-like game called… Demon Seals? Demon's Souls is probably blushing by now.

Anyway, Demon Seals is actually a very interesting game, graphically it's pretty much high quality. Combat is fluid and fast-paced, with some seriously big boss monsters to defeat. We would love to see this game in other territories, since it could be a great teaser for the main dish, which we're hoping it's going to be Lost Ark. Give it a look in the two videos below and let us know what you think.


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