Destiny 2 New Light free-to-play and Shadowkeep pushed back

Destiny 2 New Light free-to-play

Bungie has just announced the delay of Destiny 2 New Light free-to-play and the Shadowkeep expansion. Originally planned for September 17, both New Light and Shadowkeep will now launch on October 1.

Bungie's newfound independence after splitting from Activision is one of the reasons for this short delay. The studio is now able to properly assess the situations and decide what is best for Destiny 2. The release this Fall is meant to be the first step for a game that they want to be “a place for you and your friends to play anytime, anywhere,” living up to the potential of the action MMO and RPG elements that it features.

The studio says it's “sorry for screwing up your plans”, but pushing back a release date for a couple of weeks doesn't sound like a massive concern to us. We'd rather have a better Destiny 2 New Light free-to-play launch than a rushed release.

Luke and Mark from Bungie close the announcement by detailing a few upcoming features, including teasing the new Raid Garden of Salvation for October 5 release, or the cross-save feature which will be live later this Summer.


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