Development on World of Dragon Nest continues as Character Modeler job offer suggests

World of Dragon Nest MMORPG

Eyedentity Games is working on a Dragon Nest sequel called World of Dragon Nest. Announced in 2017, this is a cross-platform game for PC and mobile devices that later had a release pinned for Summer 2018.

However, the time has come and gone without further news on World of Dragon Nest. An uneasy feeling of cancelation was starting to loom over it, but things may not be as bleak as they look.

We have just discovered a job offer posted on November 28, 2018 asking for a 3D Character Modeler for the graphics team to work on World of Dragon Nest. The offer asks for someone capable of doing “3D character modeling using dragon nest IP” and “High quality character, monster modeling production.” The candidate needs to be an “Experienced mobile MMORPG development”, so could this mean that World of Dragon Nest is now a mobile exclusive?

Maybe not. But this job offer tells me that World of Dragon Nest is seriously delayed, so we may not hear from Eyedentity Games in several months.

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