Dragon Nest US welcomes the assassin class

The North American version of Dragon Nest just added a new class to its roster – this time it's the Assassin class, a strong and agile character who also employs sneaky tactics. Here is the official class overview, you can learn more at the Dragon Nest website:

When the Assassin starts the game he will rely mostly on Strength and Agility, pummeling enemies with powerful attacks before dashing to safety. Even at early levels the Assassin isn't afraid to use sneaky tactics, utilizing skills like Dirty Trick, which allows the Assassin to toss dirt in an enemy's face, and Fan of Blades, a skill that has the Assassin tossing throwing knives in all directions.

Assassins may specialize as Shinobi if they prefer to keep their damage physical and in-your-face. Choose between two different fighting styles: the Reaper and the Raven. The Reaper specializes in punches and kicks, dishing out devastating combos like Blade Runner and Mortal Blow. The Raven can attack enemies from nearly anywhere on the battlefield, and uses special chains and hooks to annihilate his foes. He can even use the Rain of Death skill to swarm enemies with a murder of crows.

Many Assassins look at war as a spiritual affair and go on to pursue the path of the Taoist. With a deep connection to the ancient teachings of their forefathers, Taoists try to maintain a balance in all things and must choose between the Light and Dark. As a Light Bringer, Taoists can provide support and heal their allies; as an Abyss Walker, they can use dark magic for powerful attacks. Taoists can also summon familiars that resemble dark mirror images of themselves, as well as faithful companions such as a Raccoon, a Cat and a Rabbit, to aid them in battle.

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