Dragon Raja global release times revealed for Android and iOS

Dragon Raja global release times

The Dragon Raja global release is finally happening tomorrow, February 27, 2020, after a short closed beta. There is an obvious enthusiasm surrounding this game and we're no strangers to it, since our time with an alpha release allowed us to see its many qualities and fun story-driven gameplay. Besides, it's a visually spectacular game, quite a feat for a mobile MMORPG. Archosaur Games has revealed the Dragon Raja global release times for Android and iOS, leaving no player out of the equation.

The official release (which is seemingly being called an open beta as well by the devs) is scheduled for February 27 at 1 pm (UTC+0). Check your timezone to see where this is going to land and confirm if you have a few GB available in your phone. From now on, there will be no wipes, so you can progress without fear of losing your hard-earned achievements and rankings.

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If you participated in the Dragon Raja Android closed beta, you don't need to uninstall the client to play the open beta. A download will turn your version into the latest build, so you can start your journey. Another warning from the developers is that you might experience some “server is full” warnings, so make sure that you choose another server to start playing.

There will be several European servers available (time zone is UTC+1), along with a few more for the US (time zone is UTC-5).

If you don't have a powerful phone, you can play Dragon Raja and other mobile games using an Android emulator on PC. The experience becomes even better thanks to keyboard and mouse support and a lack of issues stemming from low specs or battery drain. Any fan of stunning open world MMORPGs with a compelling story and tons of side activities can do no wrong with Dragon Raja.


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