Dragon Slayer: Monster Hunter from the makers of Aura Kingdom

Dragon Slayer is the new free MMORPG from Taiwanese studio X-Legend Entertainment, of Aura Kingdom and Eden Eternal fame. The studio is keeping with its trademark anime visuals but is now changing the focus of the MMO game by taking an approach closer to Monster Hunter Online, for example.

Players will step into the shoes of hunters and will be looking to take down several types of monsters and collect materials for crafting items. There is also the option to climb on the back of some monsters to take them down. There will be companions (such as pet rabbits that have their own class system) and mounts to use as well as the usual staples of the genre: crafted weapons, armor designs and more. X-Legend claims that there will be over 200 monsters to be captured and used as mounts in air, land and sea, according to each creature's specifications.

The first test phase of Dragon Slayer begins July 17h in Taiwan, with very limited slots. You can watch the Dragon Slayer announcement trailer and mounts trailer below and the official website is here. Considering that Aeria Games brought Eden Eternal and Aura Kingdom to North American and European players, we're hoping the publisher will do the same with Dragon Slayer.

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