Dying Light: Bad Blood adds duo mode and new daily challenge

Dying Light: Bad Blood duo

Techland has just added a much requested feature to its parkour Battle Royale game Dying Light: Bad Blood: Duos.

Now you can team-up with a co-op partner and coordinate your attacks, with the ultimate goal of evacuating together. You can be paired with a Steam friend or a random player, and apparently vaulting in co-op is something that has to be seen.

We also get a new daily challenge consisting of the following: “Play 10 Duo matches to grab 20 000 scars, 20 matches for two Epic Loot Stashes, and 40 matches to win 1000 Blood bucks.”

Dying Light: Bad Blood is in paid Early Access and should launch as free-to-play early 2019 – and it desperately needs to, as the player base is so low that is almost compromising its chances of succeeding.


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