Earn Primogems and more with new Genshin Impact event Slime Paradise

Genshin Impact event Slime Paradise

When miHoYo said that each major Genshin Impact update would be released every six weeks, everyone trembled. However, the China-based studio knew that they had a lot more in store to keep fans busy during the time that it takes for each release. New events and challenges launch on a regular basis, and we've had a couple of web-based events as well, the most recent bringing us fond memories of Slime Rancher. The Genshin Impact event Slime Paradise is a relaxing and entertaining way of earning more primogems, hero's wit, mora, and more rewards.

Here is the full list of rewards that you can get:

  • 2000 Paradise Tickets: 30x Primogems (up to 4 times)
  • 600 Paradise Tickets: 1x Hero’s Wit (up to 5 times)
  • 600 Paradise Tickets: 10,000x Mora (up to 10 times)
  • 300 Paradise Tickets: 5x Fine Enhancement Ore (up to 5 times)
  • 100 Paradise Tickets: 500x Mora (up to 99 times)

And here is the official description of the Slime Paradise event:

During the park's dates of operation, Travelers can purchase decorations and arrange them in the park.
Certain decorations will attract certain slimes to move in and certain monsters to visit the park. The more decorations you purchase, the more lively the park will be!

Paradise Coins

You'll need to spend Paradise Coins to purchase things in the Decorations Shop. Earn Paradise Coins by completing daily tasks.

Paradise Tickets

You'll need to spend Paradise Tickets to purchase things in the Rewards Shop. You can obtain Paradise Tickets in the following ways:
1. By completing certain event tasks.
2. From decorations: After purchasing a decoration, it will begin generating Paradise Tickets at a designated time each day starting on the next day. Designated time: Daily at 00:00 (Server time).
3. From monsters: Monsters will come to visit the park every day. Each time a different kind of monster visits for the first time, they will bring you a greeting gift of Paradise Tickets.

Gallery – Photos
If you purchase decorations and visit the park frequently, you can collect different photos.


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