Echo of Soul shows PvE in new video featuring Magnus

Do you know Magnus the Warrior? Probably not, but Aeria Games is going to introduce him to you in the new Echo of Soul video focused on PvE. This video shows a day in the life of Magnus as he runs around the game world, bashing some enemies in solo dungeons, getting some new gear and teaming up with the other classes for another dungeon. You can see a description of all the classes here.

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Echo of Soul features over 1600 quests and nearly 60 different locations. There's no dedicated healer class in this game, so party members will have to work together more efficiently against the toughest bosses. While this game launched in 2013 in Korea, it's highly polished and still one of the most played in the country. Beta is going to begin in May 2015 for North America and Europe, so sign up to get a chance to play.


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