Eden Rising will have a free-to-play option at launch

Eden Rising free release

Nvizzio Creations' mix of open world co-op action game and tower defense Eden Rising is currently in Early Access and will offer a free-to-play option at launch. This will allow free players to “join the servers of paid players to experience high-level content and gain high-level loot.”

The free-to-play version of Eden Rising is called Explorer Edition and contains no microtransactions whatsoever. The full experience will be available by purchasing the Ascendant Edition, which includes four additional zones (the free version has three zones), all sieges and armor dyes, as well as increased server benefits. You can see the table below for comparisons between the two editions.

Eden Rising Free Release F2P comparison table

Eden Rising exits Early Access and officially launches on Steam on May 17, 2019 in both flavors, Explorer and Ascendant.


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