Epic Games MOBA shooter Paragon is confirmed free-to-play

Wes Phillips, marketing lead at Epic Games, spilled the beans about the business model for the exciting MOBA and shooter mix Paragon, which was revealed yesterday through an awesome gameplay video. Instead of keeping hush-hush about it for many months (wink wink Overwatch), Epic Games decided to reveal it already, stating that this Unreal Engine 4 powered game is going to be free-to-play. You can see the tweet below.

As for our opinion on Paragon, here it goes: new MOBA games are usually seen with indifference but Paragon managed to convince many players due to its unusual third person approach (SMITE is one of the few good MOBAs doing it), the card strategy elements and, of course, the Gears of War feel that transpires from the shooting. Paragon could be the game that makes MOBAs exciting again and coming from Epic Games, we have a feeling that the game will absolutely deliver.

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