Epic Games reveals PC shooter Paragon… sort of

Character-based online shooters are becoming the new trend, or so it seems, replacing the frequent MOBA announcements. We already know about the upcoming shooters Overwatch (here's our Overwatch first look), Cliff Bleszinski's LawBreakers, and Hi-Rez Studios' Paladins: Champions of the Realm, but now Epic Games has revealed a second shooter in the works besides Unreal Tournament, titled Paragon. The studio is definitely keeping busy, as they also have Fortnite in development. There's no word yet if Paragon will be free-to-play, but considering its features (a competitive, PC exclusive online shooter) and that the other two Epic Games' titles are F2P, there's a good chance of that.

So, Paragon is coming to PC early 2016 and the studio will gradually reveal some of the characters, beginning with Twinblast, the cool dude that you can see in the trailer below. The official website is already accepting beta application and teasing more hero reveals: Steel (November 12), Sparrow (November 19), Dekker (November 24) and Grux (December 3).

There's not much more to say about Paragon for now, so we'll wait for the big reveal coming December.


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