Epic Games shares details on the second Paragon map

Epic Games is working on a second map for the third-person MOBA Paragon, but details were scarce. Now, the studio has revealed to players more about it and its plans for the future.

So, this new map isn't meant as a proper second map, but as a replacement for the actual Agora map in the long run. While the current Agora and the new map will co-exist for a while, the idea is that this second map will replace the first one over time. It should be playable before the end of 2016 in small intervals to begin with, such as weekends.

The new map should offer “more strategic options (team fights, objectives), with more intense action (more intimate as well), and more overall player impact (clearer role benefits, learnings from all the changes on Agora to date).” However, development on the current Agora map won't stop, both maps will be developed simultaneously. It will feature three lanes, the same as Agora.

We should have the first images of the new map soon, with weekly updates to follow.

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