EvilvEvil is a Borderlands-like co-op FPS with ultra-cool vampires

EvilvEvil shooter

We're not the ones saying it, developer Toadman Interactive is. The Swedish studio has just announced EvilvEvil, a free-to-play cooperative first-person shooter where you play as a vampire, alone or with your friends. Your goal is to brutally eliminated humans either by using heavy weaponry or your sharp fangs.

Taking place in the near future, EvilvEvil introduces a setting where vampires have come out from the shadows… to eat people. Sounds like a deep plot to us. The supernatural is now part of the society, and these vampires have found a specific niche in society.

EvilvEvil FPS

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You get to pick from a list of super-powered vampires, including the Arcanist, Assassin, and Berserker classes. However, Game Director Martin Annander doesn't want to reveal much about their stories, as it will be fueled by community-driven storytelling and weekly releases. Player actions and choices are said to affect future releases, so it seems like you get to pick the path for your vampires.

EvilvEvil comes with an artstyle that looks similar to Borderlands, so at least this is one aspect where it stands apart from the crowd of free-to-play shooters. Toadman Interactive is also working on IGI: Origins, the prequel to 2000's tactical shooter Project I.G.I.

It looks like EvilvEvil could be a lot of fun, with its fast-paced action and relentless cast. We'll see later this year, when the game releases on PC. Go to the official website if you want to sign up for updates.

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