Card game Faeria goes from free-to-play to buy-to-play


In a move that usually goes the other way, TCG Faeria is going to ditch its free-to-play business model and adopt a buy-to-play system in the next few days. The iOS & Android versions also take a hit in this announcement, as they will be canceled.

As for the reasoning behind this business model change, developer Abrakam says that they “haven’t been able to find the right balance to make it financially sustainable for Faeria, and making this change will allow us to focus our energy on creating regular high-quality content for the foreseeable future.” From now on, Faeria will see a DLC-based model where the team plans on bringing more content to the game, more frequently. The plan includes giving all players smoother and quicker access to both new and existing content, considering that F2P usually limits the pace at which you can access a game's content.

Current Faeria players need not to worry – they can keep their game completely free of charge, with their accounts and progression. Abrakam also revealed that they are working on a brand new game, “coming in the not too distant future”, but they aren't ready to reveal any details yet.

Do you think these changes will improve Faeria?

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