Fez is the new free game from the Epic Games Store

Fez is the new free game

The amazing platformer Fez is the new free game that you can grab from the Epic Games Store. In this game you play as Gomez, a 2D creature living in a 2D world that can be rotated to reveal four different 2D perspectives. So, it's a 3D world in fact, isn't it?

No matter what it is, Fez is a wonderful game that was a massive success. Development on the sequel started, but the chaotic process and some Twitter fights led Polytron and creator Phil Fish to cancel Fez 2.

Just head over to the Epic Games Store to get Fez for free until August 29.

Starting August 29 you'll get a couple of new free games to download. The first one is Celeste, a cute retro-styled platformer. The other one is Inside, PlayDead's remarkable grim adventure and spiritual follow-up to Limbo. You would have to be nuts not to get this game.

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