Are Firefall and Red 5 Studios coming to an end?


There seems to be no shortage of worrying news surrounding Firefall and Red 5 Studios. After the layoffs in November and missing payroll in December, and a mind-blowing shift of focus from PC to the PS4 and upcoming mobile versions, Firefall could actually be coming to an end. The game failed in China after a major investment from Red 5 Studios parent company The9, and the new developments aren't very rosy.

Recently, an alleged former Red 5 Studios employee took to Reddit to say that “Everyone I know of who was still there (there weren't many left) was let go today [Monday]”. FadedPez also said on Twitter that “So I'm no longer with Red5 as of today, no goodbye post but may solo stream later”, so it seems to be a real thing.

We can't say this is surprising. Firefall had a very troubled development and while it wasn't a bad game, it was just all over the place. Focusing in China clearly didn't work out and new players weren't really motivated to try it out. We would suggest you to try it if you have any interest in it, as it seems that the servers could go down any day now, without warning.


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