First Fangold trailer shows a card game with fishing

Potato Killer Studios has talked about Fangold for a bit but besides knowning that it was a collecting card game, we weren't exactly sure what it was all about. But now, the indie studio has revealed the first gameplay trailer for this free-to-play game, which is actually titled Fangold: The Eventful Adventures of Land of Britain. To be released on PC, Mac, Android and iOS, Fangold mixes CCG with MMO in a novel way – it's not just a card game, it includes a fully explorable 3D world where you can gather materials (by fishing, for example) to create powerful cards. There's also a inn that you can decorate with furniture and several items, and get new quests from NPCs.

Sounds like an interesting take on CCGs. Take a look at the trailer below.


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