FPS Ironsight gets new cruise map, new characters and more

Ironsight new cruise map new character kalli

We're a bit behind schedule with this one, but we still wanted to let you know that the first-person shooter Ironsight recently received a new content update that is packed to the brim with cool stuff. The best of the bunch is the new map.

The new map is called Cruise and is set in a… you guessed it: a cruise ship. It looks like a paradise for anyone looking for the perfect vacation, and it includes a pool, a casino, a bar and certainly a lot of places to sit down and enjoy life. It's too bad, then, that there is a lot of shooting going on.

With the Cruise comes a couple of new mercenaries, Kalli (you probably recognize her from Ironsight's marketing material) and Sirocco (not quite like the VW car, but close). The Cruise update rounds things off nicely with a new sniper mode, new skins, a new UI for the main menu and a lot more, as you can see in the patch notes.

Ironsight new cruise map new character kalli

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