Is Free-to-Play in a bad state? Quite the contrary, says SuperData

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You may think that free-to-play is in a bad situation with all the games that are shutting down or the announcements of MMOs that are taking the buy-to-play route instead. We don't blame you and there's obviously something going on, but it's only on the surface, it seems. According to an MMO & MOBA Games Market Report for 2016 by SuperData, online gaming is still huge and “on track to earn $19.8 billion this year alone, roughly 60% of all digital PC game revenue.” Considering that most of it comes from free-to-play, it's more a matter of studios not putting enough quality and marketing into a game, and not of a market that is dwindling.

It's in Asia that free-to-play makes the most money, with Europe and North America far behind. While League of Legends and Crossfire are the two highest grossing games, there's still plenty of opportunities for newer games to take the top spots, as times are changing and players have different tastes, as the report suggests:

“Gamers today have different expectations for MMOs and place a greater emphasis on user-generated content.”

This could mean that games such as Peria Chronicles or even Skysaga could become big hits if the tools are intuitive and in-depth.

Take a look at the stats below and let us know what are your thoughts on the current state of online gaming and free-to-play in general.




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