Galactic Junk League has officially launched on Steam

Galactic Junk League

The spaceship building combat game Galactic Junk League has officially launched on Steam today. The full release includes a new game mode, maps, weapons and much more. Developed by Pixel Federation, a Slovak indie game studio, this game is described by its creators as “Minecraft meets Elite: Dangerous”, since it allows you to build your spaceship in any way you please and then take it to PvP arenas. We would also chip in by calling it “Robocraft in space”, or “Intergalatic Crossout”, if you catch the references.

The new game mode is called Galactic Conquest and tasks players with battles over vital control points, with power-ups providing bonuses to individual players or a team, such as mines, teleports and shields. This mode gets three new maps: Abandoned Colony, Junkyard Belt and Junk Vault 1101. There are several other additions to Galactic Junk League, including an overhauled Class system, a new Tactical Communication Interface, a new research tree and more.

The launch trailer is below and the game is currently sitting at a respectable 68% on Steam with over 1,200 reviews, which means you should have no trouble enjoying the game right away.

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