Galactic Junk League is a spaceship building combat game now on Early Access

In space, no one can hear you assemble your spaceship and blast your foes to oblivion! This could be the motto for Galactic Junk League, a free-to-play game that has just launched on Steam Early Access today. You can jump right in and try this very promising game, one that we would like to call Robocraft in space.

Galactic Junk League currently features 7vs7 battles, 24 new pre-made ships and building blocks, improved matchmaking and more, in comparison to the previous beta version that was available at the game's official website.

Players can build spaceships in any crazy way they imagine, either inspired by classic ships from famous sci-fi franchises or weird, obnoxious flying stuff that happens to include devastating firepower. Each victory will get you new building blocks and visual upgrades for your ship.

Besides the obvious comparisons with Robocraft, Galactic Junk League is one more spaceship combat game to join the new and interesting line-up, which includes Cloud Pirates, Fractured Space and Dreadnought.


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