Gameforge: upcoming months will be exciting for SoulWorker news

SoulWorker Online gameplay

Nearly a year has passed since Gameforge's announcement of the publishing deal for SoulWorker Online in North America and Europe, with the German publisher being very hush-hush about the status of the western versions. While we still don't have some juicy info such as a beta date or something like that, we managed to find out that the work is indeed progressing, according to Gameforge's official Facebook page.

Here is what Gameforge had to say when inquired about the status of SoulWorker Online in NA and EU:

“We can't really go into much detail at the moment. We're still working hard on getting Soulworker out. Currently, we're mostly in the translation phase and preparing things so we can get the EU players the best Soulworker experience possible. We can not tell you any explicit dates as of yet, unfortunately. However, keep your eyes opened and on the lookout for further news about it, the upcoming months are going to be exciting!”

So, it seems the game is currently being translated and we should get some official announcement in a month or two. Let's hope it happens and things go smoothly from then on, with more updates and a 2017 beta.

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