Watch some gameplay footage from Dead or Alive Mobile and curse the skies

Dead or Alive Mobile

We have discovered some footage from the upcoming Dead or Alive Mobile game and didn't resist sharing it with you. After all, Dead or Alive 6 is still freshly released and there's even a free-to-play version called Dead or Alive 6: Core Fighters.

Oh, and let's not forget about one of the greatest games of all time, Dead or Alive Xtreme Venus Vacation. It's the best game ever for one-handed play… er…

Anyway, I digress. Right at the end of this post you'll find some Dead or Alive Mobile gameplay. This is a game developed for Macau, Hong Kong and Taiwan, taking place after the events of Dead or Alive 5 Рbecause story is tremendously important in such a franchise. There's a mini black hole sucking Kasumi into a parallel world, a the perfect excuse to get the staple characters of Dead or Alive fighting once more.

However, Dead or Alive Mobile isn't truly about fighting. Instead, it's all about the kind of turn-based gameplay that is designed for the ultimate grind. It's really basic and automated – a fighting game this isn't for sure -, with sub-par graphics to boot.

While some mobile games are a ray of light and make me believe that there is hope for the platform – Durango is one of the good guys -, games such as Dead or Alive Mobile make me wish mobile gaming would die a painful death. But that's just me, right?


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