Gaming Addiction is now an illness and you can take the test to see where you stand

Gaming Disorder Psychological Test

All you gaming addicts out there, how are you doing today? You certainly have heard something about the World Health Organization classifying gaming disorder as a as a form of mental illness. This is awesome news for every news outlet in the world, especially the shitty ones, as they can blame everything on video games – not that they didn't before.

But now you can take a psychological test to see if you're addicted or if you are a normal human being with feelings and stuff. According to Forbes, the psychological test was designed by academic researchers from universities in the United Kingdom, Germany, China and Australia.

The name of the test probably took quite a few sessions of brainstorming: “Do I Play Too Much Videogames?” Well, do you? Sorry, you won't get away with it that easily as there are dozens of questions for you to answer. I'd say you need about 15 minutes to complete it, so why not?

Questions range from why you play video games (to destroy your enemies, of course!) and if they ever got in the way of your life. You know, things like bathing, eating, talking to human beings outside of a computer and so on. There's even a full section devoted to your behavior around your smartphone – can you put it down, do you get angered if it isn't around, you tried cutting down on it but bounced back harder than EA on loot boxes and so on.

My results are right below and honestly, I can't make much sense of the chart – my brain is probably damaged from a lifetime of gaming. The results also tell me that I play mostly for recreation and skill improvement, but that just has to be wrong, since I play to become a lousy creature that never bathes or sees the sunlight. What's that smell… Oh wait, that's me!

Anyway, enough sarcasm already. Gaming addiction can be a problem, so quit Fortnite already, will you? Minecraft called.

Gaming Disorder Psychological Test


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