Gazillion is shutting down, Marvel Heroes is no more this Friday

Marvel Heroes shutting down

Sad times for Gazillion staff, and right on Thanksgiving, to make it even worse. The studio is going to be shut down entirely, as well as its only game, Marvel Heroes, since it was created in 2004. We're not really counting mobile thingie Dexter: Slice.

Instead of shutting down by the end of the year as it was originally planned, Marvel Heroes is going dark this coming Friday. Worse still, Gazillion employees received a termination letter from CEO Dave Dohrmann – who is allegedly involved in sexual harassment situations -, saying that banking creditors have pretty much finished with what was left of the company.

But it gets worse; Gazillion employees will be left without any kind of PTO, severance and their medical insurance ends in eight days. Massively OP had the confirmation of this. Here are some tweets from former staff:

It's a really sad thing to see, especially at this time of the year and also because it was really abrupt, with Disney's intervention for some reason that is yet to be officially revealed. We can only wish the best to those affected, former Gazillion staff and also Marvel Heroes Omega players.

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