Genshin Impact 2.5 When the Sakura Bloom details and release date revealed

Genshin Impact When the Sakura Bloom

MiHoYo has revealed all the details and the release date for Genshin Impact’s version 2.5 update When the Sakura Bloom. The story of the Raiden Shogun continues in the recently opened area Enkanomiya, and new five-star character Yae Miko arrives with her story quest. Genshin Impact 2.5 When the Sakura Bloom is releasing on February 16, 2022. 

One of the most surprising and appealing additions of the upcoming update is the Divine Ingenuity. This is a domain builder of sorts allowing players to customize their own domains by choosing from a variety of options including terrain, mechanisms, traps, buffs and completion requirements. You can create your own domain and challenge yourself in other players' domains.

The Chasm was also teased and it is set to make an appearance during the 2.6 update. This new zone will enrich the already massive area of Liyue.

A new seasonal event called Three Realms Gateway Offering will take players into an area from Enkanomiya, where they will will continuously accumulate corrosive darkness. You can use the new gadget Bokuso Box to o help resist the corrosive darkness, gain new abilities, and take down certain enemies. This event will last for the duration of the 2.5 update and you can earn Primogems and the new 4-star catalyst weapon, Oathsworn Eye.

Yae Miko, the head shrine maiden of the Grand Narukami Shrine, will be joining as the new five-star Electro Catalyst user. With her Elemental Skill and Elemental Burst, Miko is capable of providing both constant damage off-field and high burst damage on-field. Meanwhile, players may also cross paths with Yae Miko as an unusual urban legend circulates throughout Inazuma. Yae Miko’s Event Wish will be available in the early stage of theupdate, followed by Event Wishes of Raiden Shogun and Sangonomiya Kokomi.

Watch the When the Sakura Bloom trailer below.

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