Gloria Victis update adds playable female characters

Gloria Victis female character

In the wise words of Gloria Victis developer, are you “tired of the sausage fest and looking at the male arse all the time?”. Well, now you can finally create a playable female character and… well, apparently look at female arse from now on.

This is the biggest part of the v.0.7.9 update for Gloria Victis, which also introduces the following:

• Playable female characters added! If you have any free character slot, you can already play as a female, also every character will receive the character recustomization point tomorrow
• Reworked the daily events – now they have 4 tiers to complete daily through 2 activities, completing the daily events tier is additionally rewarded with Contribution Points
• Added the Flame of Faith to Glory vendors' assortment and loot tables of Brandon, Ragi and Cursed spectre
• Added safezones on the tournament spawnpoints
• Moved the Azebian tournament spawnpoint a bit closer to the main flag in order to make their road more balanced
• Reduced the amount of buildings and gates required to destroy in order to take a flag
• Rebalanced the Rusted Crusher's Sword statistics
• Fixes to bugs and level design glitches reported through the bugreport system

Gloria Victis female character


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