Good things come to those who marry in Revelation Online

So, you found the special one and got married in Revelation Online? Congratulations, good things are coming your way! Following on the post that detailed the Intimacy Points, this second blog post about marriage explains how you can begin the marriage process – forming a group/party with the friend you wish to marry, then entering a specific instance which appears at Nimbus Keep.

As we've said quite a few times before, in Revelation Online there isn't any gender restriction when it comes to marriage, so feel free to choose whoever you prefer.

Inside the marriage instance you'll have to approach Rochin for two marriage choices: a cheap one (costs 50,000 Imperial Notes) and a fancy one (costs 300,000 Imperial Notes). Despite the price difference, both options offer the same rewards – the fancy option is just to invite friends to the celebration and spawning items for them to interact with during their stay.

And now, let's go to the important bit. Marriage benefits include the cosmetic title, a new action which you can use at the Hot Springs (gives a boost to the experience you gain from drinking Wine within the Spa), and additional weekly valor reward points earned within the battleground for both you and your spouse (if you're doing the battlegrounds together). Last but not least, you have access to marriage skills: unlocking the ability to create food for your partner that will heal them when consumed, revive your partner (this is a skill that would do wonders in real life), and summon your partner anywhere within Nuanor.

So, marriage is good and great, but what happens when love fades? The next Revelation Online blog post will talk about the divorce option and we're pretty sure someone has to pay quite a lot for it. Stay tuned!


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