Try Guild Wars 2: Path of Fire expansion for free this weekend

Guild Wars 2 path of fire

If you want to try Guild Wars 2: Path of Fire, the new expansion for ArenaNet's acclaimed MMORPG, you're in luck. The developer is running a free preview weekend that begins on Friday, August 11, and runs through Sunday, August 13. Everyone is able to play, fans and new players alike. You just have to log in, or register here if you're a new player – simply log in during the announced date.

You'll get to play the first part of the Guild Wars 2: Path of Fire story, which will take you to the Crystal Desert. Once there, the Crystal Oasis map is all yours to explore, and you can unlock the raptor mount there. This is the mount that has the enormous leap as we've covered before – in Path of Fire, mounts have a purpose, they're not solely used to increase movement speed.

NCsoft and ArenaNet are already planning a second free weekend preview on August 18 through August 20, when you'll be able to try the new elite specializations for the first time in PvP and WvW.

If you want to pre-purchase Path of Fire, this is the place. This expansion launches on September 22 and as you probably know already, the core Guild Wars 2 game is free.

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