New Gunslinger class goes live today on Blade & Soul

Gunslinger class

The Rise of the Gunslinger update for Blade & Soul is now live and with it comes the new Gunslinger class. This dual-wielding persona is capable of moving around the battlefield with the help of grappling hooks and is available for the Jin and Yun races. This update also comes with a complete overhaul of the in-game crafting system and the return of the Tower of Memory event (running from September 13 through October 18). A new character slot was added, bumping the previous nine slots to the current 10.

“The Gunslinger class is a single-target damage expert that requires players to master gunfire combos with a reloading mechanic to be able to continue to crank out flame- or shadow-based attacks. High mobility, fluid combos, and several escape tools involving grappling hooks to safely dodge attacks make the Gunslinger class an approachable class with plenty of dungeon/raid utility and single-target PVP damage – it’s appropriate for newcomers and veterans alike.”

Read all the patch notes here.


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