Harry Potter Online is on hold, team begins World of Magic MMO

It didn't take long; a few days after Harry Potter Online was revealed in depth, Bio-Hazard Entertainment had to put the game on hold indefinitely, which to us sounds like it was just canceled. The official statement is this:

“It hurts us all:( our hearts are broken and torn. Bio-Hazard Entertainment and all its team love every single one of you loyal wizards and thank you for everything you have done. Sometimes people just like to ruin things for others. As loyal HP fans we all stand strong and united! Please remember here at BHE we love you all and you are the greatest fans we could have asked for! BHE site coming soon so you can join us in all our productions!

The team is discussing using what they have made and making their own MMO based off of what you guys have suggested, except not HP related. But lets all unite together and show WB that this is needed! WIZARDS UNITE!”

While there wasn't any mention on Warner Bros' involvement in this matter (even the YouTube video was taken down), we suspect that the publisher had some influence in stopping the development of this Harry Potter Online, of which, to be honest, there wasn't much to be seen yet. Bio-Hazard Entertainment swiftly began development of a new wizard MMO revealed as The World of Magic and the site is already up and running.

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