Heavy Metal Machines Season Bellic Storm launches with new character

Heavy Metal Machines Bellic Storm

A new season has just begun for the vehicular MOBA game Heavy Metal Machines. Bellic Storm brings a new character and an exciting invasion from a race of post-apocalyptic militaristic dogs.

The new star in Heavy Metal Machines is called Peacemaker, a PUG general from the Zoomorph race. He comes with his war tank and brings two two German Shepherds as his loyal soldiers. Bellic Storm also brings more than 90 rewards for you to earn.

Heavy Metal Machines is storming the eSports scene with the Metal League, an open weekly tournament realized in partnership with ESL Play with a total prize pool of € 5.000. The finals will be broadcasted on April 26, at 4:00 p.m., EST, on Ginx TV.


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