Digital Extremes’ hero shooter Keystone is now The Amazing Eternals

The Amazing Eternals gameplay

Warframe creator Digital Extremes has made a massive change to its upcoming free hero shooter Keystone – the studio changed the name of the game to The Amazing Eternals. Apparently, Keystone was considered a codename and The Amazing Eternals is the final name. Recently announced, Keystone… err… The Amazing Eternals has a difficult task ahead, which is to achieve a fraction of Warframe's huge success.

Digital Extremes took this opportunity to announce The Amazing Eternals' Founders Program, which “rewards early adopters with direct development team collaboration, exclusive in-game gear, instant access to the Closed Beta, and more.” This Founders Program starts on August 29 and you can join the game instantly, or sign up at the official website and hope to get a closed beta key. The closed beta is expected to begin soon, with Digital Extremes handing keys for giveways starting Friday, September 1, so remember to check regularly.

The first The Amazing Eternals gameplay video was released today and includes a good look at the game and some of its original retro-pulp multiverse settings. These include classic sci-fi and fantasy scenarios, a spaghetti western map, and a few other locations.

The Amazing Eternals is a hero shooter where you and your friends discovered this mysterious board game and while playing you're sucked into the game. In there, you control an Eternal and fight for the possession of the Keystone. The twist in this shooter is the inclusion of collectible card game mechanics. You can collect cards and build your deck to use during the gameplay, granting you new powers and weapons.

While hero shooters a becoming a saturated genre, there's still room for a few more games that dare to try something new. Blizzard's Overwatch is the undisputed top-dog and Paladins: Champions of the Realm is the one to go for free-to-play, The Amazing Eternals seems to have some tricks up its sleeve. We tried the closed alpha and one thing that this game is FUN. It also looks stunning, quite honestly, and coming from Digital Extremes, we're confident it will grow and become one of the references of the genre.


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