Heroes of the Multiverse is an enticing mix of Battle Royale and MOBA

Heroes of the Multiverse game

Beijing-based indie studio Team Umi has just announced Heroes of the Multiverse, an upcoming game built on Unreal Engine 4 and combining MOBA and Battle Royale mechanics. It is in development for Steam, iOS, Android with a planned release during this year as a free-to-play title.

The cast of Heroes of the Multiverse looks eclectic, with human characters (Van Helsing) as well as some monstrosities. Some of the heroes have interesting movement skills, including swimming or the ability to jump on top of some scenario elements such as walls and trees. The gameplay video also shows the typical Battle Royale shrinking circle but I'm curious to see how it will work with the standard MOBA gameplay. 

Heroes of the Multiverse's Steam page and official website should be up next month, and a playable demo with English localization will be made available this summer. For now, you can follow Heroes of the Multiverse on its official Facebook page.


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