HeroWarz English site opens with stunning character profiles

Recently we revealed the prologue video for the upcoming action RPG HeroWarz and now KOG Games has opened the official English website – in case you forgot, HeroWarz is truly coming to western territories. This game is expected to launch in some form (probably beta) during Q1 2016, so you should keep your eyes on it as it's a really fun game and a big success in Korea.

The website features the playable characters with some stunning animations and goes into detail with each one – there's a short description and even some stats such as weight, blood type and birthday, in case you want to save to date to attend or something. Besides PvE, there's also a PvP mode called Arena TV which is pretty much a 4vs4 MOBA.

In case you want to know how the story of HeroWarz goes (and it is a perfect companion for the prologue trailer), here it is:

“In the year 2016, our once peaceful world was thrown into chaos when a dream shifter materialized his violently catastrophic dreams into reality. A secretive organization bet on saving these extraordinary beings from their own torment found the vulnerable dream shifter, and sealed his power into a necklace. To prevent any further harm, the dream shifter set out to help the survivors of the catastrophe rebuild a new civilization upon the only land mass left; an island created by his dream… Ararat Island. Once the exodus to Ararat Island had settled, he set off on a journey, never to be seen again.

Five hundred years later, a girl fated to have the same ability is born.

For the girl’s 16th birthday, she is gifted a necklace found on the shores of Ararat Island… the very necklace that holds the power to end the world. While she slept that evening, sentience besets a dream manifestation that has become obsessed with his creator. He shatters the necklace, knowing that if she stays… she’ll be his, forever. Fantasies from her dreams manifest into reality the moment the necklace shatters. The real and dream worlds become one, and she is consumed by the very dream world she created. With the remaining, shattered fragments of the necklace causing chaos throughout the world, powerful Heroes with special skills are called upon to help save it.”

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