HeroWarz prologue trailer shows quite a catastrophe

If you're interested in HeroWarz just like us – and even more because it's actually coming to the western market – then you should watch the latest trailer as it will bring you up to speed on all the major facts that led to the world where you'll be playing in. It's not a nice world, and after a devastating event that submerged the old world in 2016 (let's hope it remains fiction), a divided new world will see the rise of some special individuals thanks to a fragment of a powerful necklace. Well, that's what we gather from the trailer below, as it's not that clear.

The previous HeroWarz anime trailer was more straight to the point, with the characters battling an horde of shadowy creatures with plenty of style and a catchy tune. The HeroWarz release is planned for 2016 and we're eagerly waiting for details on a beta.

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