HeroWarz pause FAQ, re-launch planned for early 2018

As you should know by now, HeroWarz is taking a break for some months to improve some systems and balance the heroes, starting on March 26, 2017. What we didn't know was just how long this break will be, and KOG Games has just released a FAQ clearing that up, as well as other things.

And so, HeroWarz will – probably – re-launch in early 2018, but that is a tentative date, so keep that in mind. No new characters will be released until the break, and what happens to your data – Characters, Inventory, Team Names and Accomplishments – and used K-Ching will be addressed at a later date.

The Official HeroWarz Forums and Website will remain active throughout the next few months, which means they will be taken down during the break. The team will keep players updated periodically through the HeroWarz Facebook page, so that is where you should go to know what is going on.

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