HeroWarz will be right back after this (not so) short break

KOG Games and A.Storm has just shared with all HeroWarz English version players an important announcement – no, don't worry, this action RPG isn't going to shut down… well, at least it doesn't seem like it. However, it is going temporarily offline as of March 26, 2017. It will be the “Pause of HeroWarz”.

This pause will be used to improve the game with absolute attention, by making the characters truly balanced, “building upon and improving the way players interface with the game”, improving PvP and more. Some immediate changes will take effect as of otday, with “major character balance changes, 2X Bonus EXP and Drop rates (all day, every day), Diver Code and Wonder/Epic drop rate increase, and more.” The Venus Shop, however, will be closed.

Let's just hope that HeroWarz really comes back stronger, as the word “temporary” usually means that a project isn't in great shape (World of Speed agrees), which is a shame as this was a very decent and fun anime action RPG.

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