HeroWarz: Queen of the Underworld Izanami is now available

A new character has just joined the colorful cast of heroes in HeroWarz – Izanami, Queen of the Underworld. Her nickname is Kid Death, which makes it sound like she didn't make many friends when she was little, but we could be wrong. She specializes in Dark magic, illusions, black fire, summoning spirits and monsters, while her hobbies include collecting dolls, antiques and crystal balls, cooking (we're not making this up), playing tarot cards, summoning her brother Izanagi, playing with Wolf Spirit, and releasing the snakes. You can read all about her story and skills to know more about the Queen of the Underworld.

Izanami came with the latest patch which brings other additions to HeroWarz such as an Auction House, a Mystery Shop, Costume Recycle System and more. Check the patch notes for all the info.


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