Honkai Impact 3rd PC download available with dedicated client

Honkai Impact 3rd PC download

I can happily share the news with all of you, anime action RPG fans out there. Today, December 26, 2019, developer miHoYo released the acclaimed mobile game Honkai Impact 3rd on PC. Just as we announced a few days ago, the Honkai Impact 3rd PC download is available and it comes with a dedicated client.

Contrary to initial fears that the Honkai Impact 3rd PC release would be exclusively available via the Gameloop emulator, this version features its own client. You can download the small file (a little above 60 MB) and the game's current full installation size sits somewhere around 5.17 GB.

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The best news of it all is that this feels like a proper adaptation for the PC platform. First and foremost, you have crisp high resolution graphics that make those Valkyries look amazingly sharp. However, the backdrops are also extremely clean and detailed, and you'll notice that in the opening levels as the spacecraft zooms by a crowded and beautiful city.

While the UI follows the template designed for the mobile touchscreen interface, the crisp looks of the PC version translate into a much better overall experience. Since you can play on mobile or PC thanks to cross-platform progress – you just have to use your account on the device that you want to play -, you won't have any trouble adapting to the UI.

Honkai Impact 3rd pc download anime rpg

Honkai Impact 3rd is widely considered one of the best action RPGs ever created for mobile, and this PC release will surely give it another well-deserved boost. This is a game that is regularly updated since it was originally released in 2016, with the global launch on March 28, 2018 receiving much praise from western players.

MiHoYo is one developer that you should keep an eye out for. Besides Honkai Impact 3rd, the Chinese developer is working on the highly anticipated anime online RPG Genshin Impact, with a release date planned for 2020 on PC, PS4, Android, and iOS.

The Honkai Impact 3rd PC download is available on the official website – click the “download here” and remember that this isn't the Gameloop emulator version, but the dedicated PC client.

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