Horror MMORPG Mad World muses about crowdfunding, asks players their opinion

Horror MMORPG Mad World crowdfunding

How much do you like to crowdfund your games? If the answer is “a lot”, then you have another option coming soon… possibly. It all depends on Jandisoft's interpretation of player feedback, as the studio asked about launching a crowdfunding campaign for the horror MMORPG Mad World.

After a couple of alphas to improve on the game, the Korean studio is musing about amassing some extra cash “to make Mad World better.” For that Jandisoft released a poll with a simple “Yay” or “Nay” choice.

You have four days left to vote and at the time of writing the votes are leaning towards “Yes”, with over 115 votes in total and 74% up for the crowdfunding idea.

Mad World is the rare kind of grim and mature MMORPG – I mean, just look at this environment – that I wouldn't mind getting popular. It takes risks, it's cross-platform and playable in a browser. If you're waiting for this game, would you be willing to pitch in?

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