How to Use Brown Dust 2 Jar Collectibles Guide

How to Use Brown Dust 2 Jar

Each chapter in Brown Dust 2 comes with various collectible types, some of them unique while others reappear after a while. Treasure chests and investigation items are one-time only per chapter, but the Twinglity Jars and the Gloom Glutty Jars reappear after a certain time. However, some players find it impossible to interact with the jars, so in this guide we'll show you what to do and how to use Brown Dust 2 jar collectibles.

How to Use Brown Dust 2 Jars

How to Use Brown Dust 2 Jars

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When you open the region map, you can check the collectibles for that area. If you are inside a building, it only shows the targets that you can find in there, which are the Basic Investigation and Search Investigation items.

Jars may leave some players baffled, as you can't interact with them or attack them, so how is it that you're going to reap the rewards? The truth is that the only way to break these seemingly fragile containers is by using the dash function on jars, delivering a swift blow that breaks a jar into a million pieces.

The result is that you may find some gold in a jar, a few resources to help with cooking or crafting, or even a creature that you may try to collect. No matter the outcome, it's best that you start dashing on jars right from the very first chapter, as the ingredients will be extremely useful later on. Delicious dishes are a recurrent need as they are used to recover health for your characters, unless you want to return to the inn and pay some gold to have them rest for an entire night.

This is the end of our guide where we explain how to Use Brown Dust 2 jar collectibles. Don't forget to check our other Brown Dust 2 guides, including the Jayden's Gate door code, among many others.

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