Hyper Universe first update adds new map and hyper

Hyper Universe update arslan

The first content update for Hyper Universe has landed and just as we mentioned yesterday, it brings the new map Dragon Refuge. However, it also comes with the new Hyper Arslan.

The Dragon Refuge map comes with two new bosses: Executioner and Dragon:

“Unlike Delta Station, Dragon Refuge has a single siege lane with six layers of jungle to explore. In this fantasy-themed map, each layer brings a plethora of new mobs to fight, from magic wielding goblins to knife wielding tortoises. Two new unique dragon bosses (the Executioner and the almighty Dragon) challenge players in short, 15-20 minute matches.”

As for the new Hyper Arslan, he is a lion from the Bruiser class:

“Coming to the Bruiser class, this fierce lion wields dual blades and expertise in melee combat. During Early Access, players can purchase this new Hyper in the game with the GP (Game Points) earned from playing matches or completing the tutorial.”

Hyper Universe is currently in Early Access for $15.99 and comes with 24 Hypers, with four more to be unlocked as you level up. The official launch of Hyper Universe is going to be free-to-play.

hyper Arslan

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