Insidia is a new free-to-play post-apocalyptic tactical game

Italian indie developer Bad Seed has recently unveiled Insidia, a new free-to-play multiplayer post-apocalyptic turn-based game. In this game, you control a group of four champions built from a roster of characters that include punks, mutated wizards and teampunk knights. Each character has a unique set of abilities and skills and the matches last 15 minutes each. Naturally, choosing the right team is essential, securing critical points of the map and ultimately sabotaging the enemy base.

The Insidia open beta is planned for this summer on Steam, with this Early Access phase featuring six different champions, with a further two to be unlocked during this period. The official launch is planned for late 2017 and will include 12 champions, 36 different skins and several maps.

Insidia is looking like a clever entry in the turn-based tactical strategy genre and you can get updates by signing up on the official website. If you're a fan of Atlas Reactor, Hand of the Gods: SMITE Tactics and Duelyst, Insidia is one to follow.

Insidia - Champion Trauma.gif

Insidia - Champion Gunther.gif

Insidia - Gameplay.gif

Insidia - Lobby.gif


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