Islands of Nyne turns to free-to-play as it enters maintenance mode

Islands of Nyne free-to-play

Developer Define Human Studios has announced that Islands of Nyne is now free-to-play, but this business model switch comes with some baggage: this Battle Royale game is no longer getting support from the studio, as it is unable to sustain development costs. A price drop wasn't enough to give the game a decent boost.

While Islands of Nyne: Battle Royale is now in maintenance mode, it is fully playable with official servers running for the foreseeable future, and there is one more update coming that will allow players to host their own servers if they so wish. In-game purchases have been deactivated.

Once a game that was seen as highly promising, Islands of Nyne suffered from the dog-eat-dog nature of the Battle Royale genre, with too many games and not as many players to go around.


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