Kritika closed beta ends, “ready to move on to Open Beta”

Kritika closed beta

The Kritika closed beta has ended and it was a good run for sure – many players discovered that this brawler remains enjoyable and still provides some good thrills in 2017. The Kritika closed beta ran from May 24 to June 13 and now the question in everybody's minds is: when is the open beta going to start?

En Masse Entertainment isn't spilling the beans yet, but the studio says the following: “We can confirm that we have what we need out of Closed Beta, and are ready to move on to Open Beta. The exact timing is still TBD.”

So, no Kritika Online open beta date yet, but En Masse revealed what they will be working on based on the closed beta feedback. First and foremost there's PvP, which is being revamped to allow for longer sessions. Balance is being improved considering that some specific skills were too powerful. This revamp is in line with what developer ALLM has already done for Kritika Online Korea last March.

The Kritika Online danger zone challenge was one of the main events during closed beta, and you could also win a unique skin if you reached level 65 during this test. And reach level 65 many of you did. It turned out that playing in Hard and Insane difficulties with 8x EXP was the best way to do so. While Kritika Online “isn’t meant to be a 200+ hour level grind, it also isn’t mean to be capped in 2 days either”. That is why the Hard Mode EXP modifier is being adjusted from 8X to 6X.

The economy is seeing a slight adjustment, with Gold being considered too scarce. Gold drops will be kept at 100% when your Rest Points have hit 0. The price of costume bundles across the board will be reduced from 2000 KRED to 1000 KRED. The last piece of valuable feedback from the Kritika closed beta is regarding the Auction House system, which will receive some changes at different stages. For example, Stabilizing Hammers will now be sold by Gold in the Auction House, giving free players easier access.

This sums up the major changes that En Masse and ALLM gathered from the Kritika closed beta and should release for open beta. Our guess is that July is a great month for some punching and kicking in the Kritika Online open beta.

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