Kritika Online roadmap talks Steam and upcoming class Psion

Kritika Online Eclair

En Masse Entertainment has revealed the Kritika Online roadmap for the next three months and there's something good coming. While the roadmap begins with August, we'll skip right ahead to October. Why, you ask? Because that's when the first new class – fifth in the game – will reach the western version. Psion is her name, but if you're a Kritika fan, you surely know her by the original Éclair name. En Masse clarifies this change with the following comment:

“Please note the class name is Psion with Éclair representing a specific iconic character’s name who is a Psion”

October also brings the usual Halloween items and events, as well as a revamp of the pet system.

Moving backwards to August 30, an all-new two-player endgame instance, The Shattered Table will be released. This EX Danger Zone includes five increasingly difficult bosses. There are more little things during August, but it's in September that things become really interesting.

September sees the Kritika Online official launch, moving from the open beta and also releasing on Steam. This should bring another wave of players to this anime brawler, and a new update will expand upon the game's story with several new missions based in the high-level Xanadu region.

If you don't know who Éclair is, take a look at her in action below.


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