LawBreakers is having a free weekend, Call of Duty ROTFLs

LawBreakers free weekend

By now you're certainly aware of LawBreakers current state of affairs, a shooter that was going to be free-to-play until it just wasn't anymore. Cliff Bleszinski's new FPS isn't doing that great and it seems to be getting worse month after month, with a decreasing player base. For a competitive shooter, these numbers are quite worrying, so what could Boss Key Productions do to turn the tide?

A LawBreakers free weekend? Sure, that's not a bad idea at all. Anyone who wants to try LawBreakers is invited to play for free from September 28 until October 2. Nice one, end of story?

Not quite. There's a big shadow of uncertainty in the air, as LawBreakers will be facing some harsh competition this weekend in the shape of Call of Duty: WWII's PC open beta. While not everyone is a CoD fan, time isn't in infinite supply and most players will have to choose between this new episode or LawBreakers.

It's a shame, really, because LawBreakers is a good arena shooter and would probably have performed quite well had it been released as free-to-play. Our crystal ball tells us that a business model switch is looking more and more inevitable, unless player numbers magically pick up during the following weeks.


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